Innovation Minister Senator Kim Carr visits SULO


13 August 2013

Senator Kim Carr, Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research and Deb O'Neil MP, Member for Robertson visited SULO Australia's manufacturing facility in Somersby to present a grant SULO has received as part of the Clean Technology program to upgrade production facilities to provide energy savings and a reduction in carbon emissions.


SULO Australia is a 100% Australian owned company and employs more than 60 people from the local area. Operating a large plastic injection moulding plant with 24/7 production, SULO Australia and has delivered over 12 million bins from the factory with the majority landing in Australian households.


The Australian Government’s Clean Technology Program provides incentives for manufacturing businesses to reduce emissions and invest in clean energy, as well as for innovative businesses in all sectors to develop new clean technologies and services. As part of the program, SULO will be receiving a $250,000 grant to upgrade the chilled water plant, install a new air compressor and automate the on-site regrind room.


SULO's Director of Manufacturing Thorsten Voss says the project is expected to reduce the carbon emissions intensity of the process by 51% and produce energy savings of almost $150,000 per year.

"The grant will assist greatly in providing a number of benefits for the local environment and our company. It will allow us to implement energy efficient processes to help make our company more sustainable and environmentally friendly as well as achieving a saving in annual energy costs," said Voss.
The facility upgrades are scheduled to begin this month.

A visit to the customising station (from left): Customising Technician, Greg Simon; Senator Carr; Managing Director, Michael Huston; Member for Robertson, Deb O'Neil MP; Director of Manufacturing, Thorsten Voss; Financial Director, Mark Leary.

A visit to the customising station (from left): Customising Technician Greg Simon, Senator Carr, Managing Director Michael Huston, Member for Robertson Deb O'Neil MP, Director of Manufacturing Thorsten Voss, Financial Director Mark Leary.