Brisbane City Council and 360L Kompakt


Larger SULO 360L bin successful in largest LGA

Brisbane City Council, with over 400,000 households,  is the largest local government area (LGA) in Australia and was the first council to introduce the larger SULO 360L mobile garbage bin (MGB).


The council identified that up to 30% or 90,000 tonnes of general waste going to landfill was recyclable. In perspective, this was equivalent to the total tonnage of kerbside source separated recyclables being collected by the council. This clearly represented an opportunity to lift the recycling rate in the vast Brisbane LGA and the council undertook a detailed analysis to determine the best solution. After examining a range of options, including additional bins and services, it was determined that a larger bin was the most cost effective solution to provide residents with the additional capacity they required to increase their kerbside recycling.


SULO Australia and Brisbane City Council worked in partnership to develop a larger 360L bin that was specifically designed in Australia for the tough local conditions and manufactured in accordance with the Australian Standard AS4123. This collaborative approach also involved extensive field testing to ensure the SULO 360L MGB was compatible with the existing side lifter used by the council’s collection contractor.


According to David McAlister, Collection Contracts Manager, Field Services Group, Brisbane City Council, “The SULO 360L MGB was offered to residents in July 2010 on a need basis at a nominal charge of $30 per bin. Since its launch in July 2010 close to 10,000 Brisbane residents have adopted the larger bin and contributed to a significant increase in recycling tonnage. The larger bin has also proven to be a very robust and reliable MGB within the council’s fleet of bins. The fact that only 0.4% of 360L MGBs compared to 5% of 240L MGBs have required repair over the past 20 months is testimony to its quality, ease of manoeuvrability, and suitability.” Mr McAlister also pointed out that the provision of more recycling capacity through a larger bin is a more cost effective way of increasing recycling volumes when compared to a change to a weekly service.


Education also plays an important role in recycling and David McAlister is quick to point out that “the council sees a spike in interest and enquiries when recycling initiatives like the larger SULO 360L MGB are promoted to the residents.” As part of its dedication to a betterBrisbane, the council is committed to the ongoing improvement in recycling through the use of the larger SULO 360L MGB as well as other initiatives.


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