Cheers to glass recycling behind the bar

If you think empty bottles are noisy, bulky and hard to handle behind your bar or service area then think again. BottleCycler has an ingenious solution which quietly reduces glass bulk by 80% and deposits the crushed glass into a sturdy SULO 60L compact wheelie bin for collection and recycling.

Like all good ideas, it is simple yet highly effective and has an Award to prove it. The BottleCycler unit is so quiet it can be installed behind the bar or service area for on the spot crushing of your empty bottles. There is no double handling nor any need to sort glass types or remove corks, caps, straws or slices of lemon. You simply place the empties straight into the BottleCycler unit which can crush up to 100 bottles per minute.


BottleCycler is now using the new SULO 60L compact wheelie bin in the base of its crushing unit where it can collect up to the equivalent of 300 crushed stubbies. The SULO bin has been designed and manufactured in Australia to the highest quality standards and tested in this specific hospitality application for BottleCycler to ensure it meets their specifications and exceeds your service expectations.


The BottleCycler unit eliminates the need for multiple bottle bins behind the bar and the Occupational Health and Safety issues associated with lifting them. When full, the SULO bin can be easily wheeled into any small storage space for collection and recycling by BottleCycler.


80% of the glass you crush in the BottleCycler unit is recycled which is great news for the environment. In addition, by reducing the bulk volume of empty bottles into crushed glass you are reducing the frequency of collections and the number of CO2 emitting trucks on the road. It may suprise you to know that every SULO 60L bin full of crushed glass saves 34Kg of CO emissions.


The BottleCycler unit is offered as a full service solution and has already proved itself in effectively recycling glass behind the bar which is worth a shout. Cheers.


For further information please contact:

BottleCycler Glass Management: 1300 306 039 or email
SULO MGB Australia Pty Ltd: 1300 364 388 or email