Recycling Education at the Spotted Frog Kindergarten, Lake Haven



February 2012

Recycling Education at the Spotted Frog Kindergarten, Lake Havenhy

To coincide with the 'Clean Up Australia Day' campaign (Sunday, 4 March 2012), the Spotted Frog Kindergarten is conducting a special education program for the children in the 'Older Room' (aged 3 - 5 years) on Monday, 5 March 2012.

The program involves a fun and hands-on discussion with the children about identifying the 4 different coloured waste and recycling bins in use on the Central Coast and understanding what items should be placed in each. The discussion also touches on what happens to the items after the collection truck empties the bins. The discussion is then followed by a 'Recycle Relay' activity which encourages the children to sort a pile of clean rubbish into the correct bins.

A collection truck will also attend (subject to availability) to provide a supervised demonstration to the children on how the bins are emptied and, importantly, to promote truck safety to these young members of the Central Coast community.

The children will receive mini desktop SULO wheelie bins (great for storing pens and pencils), recycling activity sheets for colouring in, and magnets and stickers promoting responsible recycling.

Background Notes

Thiess Services provides Waste and Recycling Services to residents of Gosford City and Wyong Shire Councils as part of a 10 Year Waste Services Contract it has with the Councils. The contract commenced on 1 February, 2008. They provide services for approximately 70,000 properties per council and empty approximately 280,000 domestic wheelie bins each week.

As part of this contract Thiess Services runs the '1Coast, 1World, Don't Waste It!' education program for pre-school, primary and secondary schools on the Central Coast. Thiess Services will provide an education officer to coordinate the program at the Spotted Kindergarten.

SULO MGB Australia operates one of the largest plastic injection moulding plants in Australasia at Somersby on the Central Coast. The SULO facility is the most highly automated large tonnage injection moulding plant in Australia and is famous for the manufacture of a wide range of quality wheelie bins.

SULO has delivered in excess of 10 million Mobile Garbage Bins (MGBs) into the Australian market and maintains its position as market leader through its significant production and delivery capabilities together with its design innovation and quality.

SULO will provide new (recently launched) compact 60L bins for the program at the Spotted Frog Kindergarten. The 60L bin with the blue lid is for paper recycling; with the yellow lid for cans, plastics & glass recycling; with the green lid for garden green waste recycling; and with the red lid for general rubbish (non recyclables).