Brisbane City Council FMS

SULO services largest bin fleet in Australia

March 2012

SULO Australia has re-tendered and won the Fleet Maintenance Service (FMS) contract with Brisbane City Council and will build on its successful performance over the past 5 years in servicing their bin fleet of over 900,000 units - the largest single bin fleet in Australia.

According to David McAlister ,Collection Contracts Manager, Waste Services Branch, Field Services Group, Brisbane City Council, “After careful analysis in 2006 the council decided to split the collection and maintenance services and sub-contract them to the best specialist in each field. SULO is widely experienced in fleet maintenance and customised a solution that met the council’s specific requirements and exceeded the service expectations of our residential and commercial customers.”


The SULO Fleet Maintenance Service is managed through a secure web based computer program that facilitates the logging and tracking of every job through to its completion within the council’s required timing key performance indicator (KPI).


The service covers the repair of damaged bins, replacement of lost or stolen bins, cleaning, reprocessing, and delivery of new bins within the vast Brisbane local government area (LGA). Residents or businesses can log a request through the council’s website or call centre. The system is designed to download this customer information several times each day and then generate a daily run sheet of jobs by suburb and truck thatdelivers the most efficient sequence of calls. The SULO trained field operatives use the unique 2D barcode on the bin to collect and record data about each specific job which is then accurately uploaded onto the system on a regular basis. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the system David McAlister was able to run off a special report on the number of damaged bins by type for a specified period.


On average SULO Australia completes 300 calls each day inBrisbanewith a fleet of specialist FMS trucks. The trucks are allocated to separate zones within the Brisbane LGA. If a customer calls back regarding their request the council can give them feedback on the job from the system. At the moment jobs are being completed by SULO Australia well within the required KPI.


SULO  Australia also has the flexibility to work in partnership with Brisbane City Council and respond to peak periods and one-off events. For example, when Brisbane City Council introduced the larger capacity SULO 360L recycling bin SULO Australia was able to increase its fleet of FMS trucks to service over 450 calls each day. A similar response was planned and implemented for the Brisbane City Council green waste bin initiative.


The SULO Fleet Maintenance Service is an integral part of an innovative service concept called ‘SULO Whole of Life Solutions’ which also covers fleet planning, assembly and distribution, and recycling. Through ‘Whole of Life Solutions’ SULO Australia works in partnership with councils and contractors to develop customised, cost effective solutions for any or all aspects of their bin fleet management regardless of size and complexity.


Forfurther information please contact:
John Kernahan, Director -Sales & Marketing, SULOAustralia.
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