New South Wales Regional Airport installs suite of Capella Enclosures


One of New South Wales’s regional airports recently installed a suite of SULO Capella metal enclosures as part of an upgrade to the waste and recycling facilities within the airport grounds to assist with increasing resource recovery levels.


Located in a major regional area, the airport sees a significantly large number of passengers pass through the terminals which in turn, sees the generation of a large quantity of waste and recyclable materials that need to be collected and reprocessed or disposed of accordingly.


The airport installed 35 ‘Capella’ style enclosures featuring neutral coloured bodies to fit in with the existing appearance of the airport, combined with yellow and red coloured hoods to clearly differentiate and identify the waste and recycling bins for customers. The waste enclosures installed outside also included specially designed ashtray inserts to allow for the simple and safe extinguish and disposal of used cigarettes.


Regional Airport Enclosure_2