Manual Handling Equipment

SULO's range of manual handling equipment has been specifically designed to ensure the safe and efficient manual handling of SULO 2 and 4 wheel bins.

The manual handling range includes a variety of quality, compliant trolleys,forklift attachments and additional tools to provide maximum safety and ease of use when working with and transporting MGBs.

Bin Separator

The SULO bin separator is designed to assist in the safe manual handling of 2 wheel Mobile Garbage Bins and allows for the easy and efficient separating of 2 wheel bin stacks.
Stack Trolley for 2 wheel bins

The SULO bin trolley is designed to assist in the safe manual handling of 2 wheel MGBs. The trolley allows complete stacks to be safely lifted, tilted and relocated with ease.
Single Stack Lifter

The SULO single stack lifter, fork lift attachment is designed to assist in the safe handling of Mobile Garbage bins and allows 2 wheel MGB stacks to be safely lifted and relocated.
Multi Stack Lifter

The multi stack lifter enables multiple MGB stacks to be easily lifted and relocated in a safe and efficient manner. The attachment is suitable for multiple 2 wheel bin stacks and single 4 wheel bin stacks.