SULO committed to closed loop plastic recycling of bins


More than 184,000 and growing; that’s the number of old wheelie bins that have been collected for recycling as part of Northern Beaches Council’s 2019 bin replacement program.


SULO, a division of Pact Group, has confirmed today that over 184,000 bins have already been sent for recycling via Astron Sustainability Australia’s leading plastics recycler. The number is estimated to reach 200,000 this week. The old wheelie bins are washed, chipped, melted down and re-pelletised for use in the manufacture of new bins, including those supplied back to Northern Beaches.


SULO is committed to closed loop recycling of old wheelie bins and regularly retrieves damaged bins from Kimbriki for recycling. Claims of large scale landfilling of old bins are not correct.


SULO aims to recover 330,000 old wheelie bins for recycling by the end of the replacement program, so there is still a way to go, however the field crews are recovering bins every day from across the Council area.


“We appreciate the community’s cooperation in placing their old wheelie bins out for collection and request that they continue to follow instructions provided by Council for their area”, a spokesperson for SULO added.