Customer Testimonials

What our clients and customers say  

Amcor Recycling, Queensland, February 2012

 “Amcor runs a program called ‘Recycle At Work’ where we provide a comingled recycling service to small and large businesses within the Brisbane area. As part of this we have required the need to purchase a variety of MGBS.
We have trialled a number of suppliers and found SULO to have the best quality product at a very competitive price. The team have been fantastic to deal with”.
City of Melville, Western Australia, November 2011 


“During the ‘Bigger is Better’ trial of the new SULO 360L bin, collection data has shown an increase in recycling, a reduction in green bin waste and less contamination where waste is put into the wrong bin. General waste fell by 14% while recycling grew by 21%”.
People in Plastic, Queensland, February 2012 


“People in Plastic has been distributing SULO bins for over 20 years.  We know we can rely on their friendly service, timely delivery and top quality products that our customers will be happy with.  People in Plastic proudly recommend SULO”.

Redland City Council, Queensland, October 2011


“The new SULO 360L bin offers a great way to mix and match bins to suit the lifestyle needs of households. We know that up to 75 per cent of our local household rubbish could be diverted from landfill through better recycling and by removing green waste from our waste bins.”


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