Product Range

Two Wheeled MGBs

SULO Australia offers the largest range of Australian made 2 wheeled Mobile Garbage Bins (MGBs). From 60 Litres through to 360 Litres, there is a strong, durable wheelie bin designed for every application, available in multiple size and colour combinations.
4 Wheeled MGBs

SULO offers two complete ranges of 4 wheeled Mobile Garbage Bins, featuring both plastic and steel options designed to suit multiple waste and recycling needs.
Event and Public Place Collection

SULO's event and public place collection range incorporates a number of key products to assist in efficiently increasing the collection of rubbish and resource recovery within high traffic, public places
Morbel Urban Containers

Morbel is the brand new urban container range released by SULO Australia. The range provides a fresh and innovative look at public place collection containers.
Office Recycling

SULO's office recycling range features a variety of containers and recycling stations to ensure easy, user-friendly source separation within offices, universities and schools.
Speciality Products

SULO provides a number of specialty waste containment solutions designed for multiple waste and recycling needs
Organics Collection

SULO's range of organics collection containers have been specially designed with the user in mind to make the organic recycling process simple, efficient and effective.
Manual Handling

SULO's range of manual handling equipment has been specifically designed to ensure the safe and efficient manual handling of SULO 2 and 4 wheel bins. The manual handling range includes a variety of quality, compliant trolleys, forklift attachments and additional tools to provide maximum safety and ease of use when working with and transporting MGBs.