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A history spanning more than 130 years

Founded in Germany, in 1890, SULO has been the technological leader in the manufacture of garbage bins for more than 130 years, beginning with the manufacture of metal waste bins then branching into collection and culminating in 1975 with the development of the modern plastic Mobile Garbage Bin (MGB). With the success of Mobile Garbage Bin (MGB) technology during the 1970’s SULO established an Australian subsidiary company in 1983.


Made in Australia since 1983

Operating one of the largest plastic injection moulding plants in Australasia at Somersby, just north of Sydney, on the Central Coast of NSW. Our facility is one of the most highly automated large tonnage injection moulding plant in Australia and is famous for the manufacture of wheelie bins. Utilising the latest technology, we have developed one of the most automated Mobile Garbage Bin (MGB) manufacturing facilites in the world with cutting-edge injection moulding equipment and three-dimensional positioning robots that ensure our wheelie bins are handled efficiently and are of the highest quality.

There’s a SULO bin at the doorstep of millions of Australian homes, and we continually work together with local councils and government to provide innovative ways to improve kerbside collection.

About Pact Group

SULO MGB Australia was acquired by Pact Group in 2014, and has since encorporated the operations to leverage the scale of the group. Pact Group is global leader in circular and sustainable Packaging, Reuse, and Recycling solutions. Combining advanced material science, leading-edge design and technology, digital disruption, and manufacturing expertise, we deliver product and service innovation that gives our customers a competitive advantage.

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About Pact Reuse

Delivering complete waste management solutions that are swift and sustainable.


Pact Environmental Solutions equips local government, businesses, and households with the most sustainable forms of pre-collection and source separation solutions. For more than forty years our brands such as SULO have been innovating products to meet the growing needs of waste collection. Made from up to 80% locally sourced recycled material, our mobile garbage bins are among the most sustainably sourced in the world. With facilities throughout Australia & New Zealand, we pride ourselves on offering complete waste management solutions and unrivaled speed to market.

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