SULO's 'Whole of Life Solution'

SULO's Whole of Life Solution has been designed to provide a seamless, simple and cost effective solution for the management of bin fleets. We work in partnership with you to develop customised solutions for any and all aspects of your bin fleet management, regardless of size or complexity.


SULO's Whole of Life approach integrates a number of specialised services to deliver and maintain your bin fleet throughout its entire useful life:

Fleet Planning Services

Fleet Planning is a service that SULO provides to clients whom are in the establishment phase of implementing a new waste management system or those that want to up-date or alter their current system in line with changes such as new regulations or changes within the market.
Manufacture and Supply

Our state-of-the-art Australian manufacturing facility uses world class technology and processes to produce the largest range of quality certified mobile garbage bins from 60L through to 1500L.
Assembly and Distribution

Once you have manufactured the highest quality bins these need to be assembled and distributed to the field. As a recognised provider of Assembly and Distribution services SULO has completed a wide range of projects throughout Australia and New Zealand.
Fleet Maintenance Services (FMS)

The SULO Fleet Maintenance solutions make real sense by reducing the risk and costs of maintaining your bin fleet, as well as improving your cash flow and, most importantly, your stakeholder service levels
Recycling Services

SULO has "closed the loop" by developing a service that sees the buyback of unserviceable wheelie bins that are recycled and reused in the manufacture of new bins, part of its practical commitment to good environmental practice.