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Recycling Services

Australia’s Largest
Plastic Recycler

Pact Recycling

SULO is manufactured by Pact Group who is not only Australia’s largest recycler of plastic, but the largest in the southern hemisphere. With our national footprint, we have the capacity to pull-back your aging or damaged bin fleet, and recycle those into new bins or other products, enabling a true local Circular Economy.


Refined Recycling Process

SULO has developed an effective system to efficiently pull-back your bins for recycling at the end of their serviceable life. The bins are put through a grinding process to produce small chips which are carefully washed and spun dry. The chips are then melted into long, thin strands and chopped into pellets which are then used in the manufacture of new high-quality bins. All bin tyres are manufactured from 100% recycled car tyres which also helps in reducing the number of car tyres going to landfill.

We use locally-sourced recycled resin.


Priority Access To Recycled Resin

As Australia’s largest recycler, we also have one of the largest supplies of recycled content. When choosing SULO as a partner to deliver your sustainability goals, you have the assurance of quality, locally-sourced recycled plastic, and priority access through Pact Recycling.

Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Reduce the environmental impact of your municipality by recycling your existing bins and diverting waste from landfill. Combined with recycling old bins, by ensuring your new bins are manufactured with up to 80% recycled content, you will be reducing carbon emissions and reducing water usage. Calculate the sustainability benefits for your council by using our Carbon Calculator.

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