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Kitchen Caddy

Food & Organics

Kitchen Caddy

Helping To Recycle Food Waste


With Australians estimated to be generating nearly three million tonnes of food waste on an annual basis, kerbside collection of household organics presents Local Government with an opportunity to improve recycling rates. Research indicates that when collecting household food waste the provision of a kitchen tidy can greatly increase resident participation and in turn improve diversion rates.

Using recycled content can reduce emissions. Use our carbon calculator to find out more.

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Dimensions (mm)
  • Bin Height ~ 199
  • Bin Depth ~ 140
  • Width ~ 318
  • Nominal Volume (L) 6

The SULO Difference

The SULO Kitchen Tidy has been ergonomically designed to meet the needs of the local market and fit seamlessly into any modern kitchen. The compact shape and small footprint means the SULO kitchen tidy can be easily placed on a bench top or in a cupboard.

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