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Fleet Maintenance

Maintain Your
Asset Value

Local Government’s are responsible for delivering a variety of services that meet the needs of their local community. Waste collection and management is one of these services and requires a fully maintained fleet of bins to operate successfully. With no room for downtime maintaining a working fleet of Council bins is critical.

Fleet Maintenance Services (FMS) is a customised service that efficiently manages the individual maintenance requirements of any bin fleet. Residents can lodge a service request for a repair, replacement, or new service through Council’s standard customer service channels. This service is then scheduled with the maintenance team who perform the jobs in the field daily, ensuring the agreed response times are achieved.

Our expert team keep your bins in better condition, for longer.

Rapid Response & Digital Trackability

Through our online portal, our field service is undertaken accurately and in a timely manner. Our process enables a streamlined workflow that can be tracked and measured to ensure key performance is met.

  • Council’s customer service centre lodge service requests
  • Electronic transfer of electronic data files via a secure portal
  • Experienced maintenance team efficiently schedules service requests
  • Service technicians complete in-field maintenance

Streamline Operations & Cashflow

Our Field Maintenance Services have an agreed annual pricing model, this means you have a clear understanding of the annual costs to factor into your budget. This means there are no large unprompted expenditures, and with monthly invoices, your cash flow position is more effectively managed.

By eliminating your inventory management and storage, and working directly with the manufacturer, you simplify your operations by not having to hold spare parts, and our entire product portfolio is available at a moment’s notice for urgent repairs to ensure consistent waste collection for your constituents.

Quality Without Compromise

We pride ourselves on manufacturing Australia’s most sustainable bins which meet or exceed all standards within Australia. We continue our operational excellence throughout out Field Maintenance Services with detailed project planning & management, full compliance with occupational health & safety regulations, and environmental best practice.