Two Wheeled Bins

120 Litre Container

Two Wheeled Bins

120 Litre Container

Small But Mighty
Multiple Applications
  • Waste reduction in urban areas
  • Suitable for industrial applications
  • Lightweight for easy mobility
Flexible Design
  • Versatile compact design
  • Safe & easy to handle
  • Suitable for DIN lifting equipment
Engineered To Last
  • Designed & Made in Australia
  • Resistant to UV, frost, heat & chemicals
  • Complies with AS4123 & EN840 standards


With a broad range of standards colours, we can customise your bin configuration to suit your needs. By choosing a dark colour such as black, your bin can be manufactured with up to 80% recycled content.

Lid colour*: Red



Bin colour*: Black



  • *Additional colours available upon request, minimum qty applies.
  • **Based on two wheeled bin

Using recycled content can reduce emissions. Use our carbon calculator to find out more.

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Dimensions (mm)
  1. A Total height ~ 930
  2. B Bin Height ~ 870
  3. C Total Depth ~ 545
  4. D Bin Depth ~ 480
  5. E Width ~ 480
  6. F Handle Width ~ 335
  7. G Wheel Diameter ~ 200
  • Nominal Volume (L) 120
  • Empty weight (kg) 9.3
  • Max. filling weight (kg) 48
  • Max. total weight (kg) 60

The SULO Difference

Long Service Life
  • High quality materials
  • Most advanced manufacturing processes
  • Withstands exposure to high mechanical stress levels
  • Engineered to withstand Australian conditions
  • Resistant to decay, frost, heat, and chemicals
Noise Reduction
  • Quiet-running solid rubber tyres
  • Tight-fitting axle
  • Corrosion resistant steel axle
Sustainably Made
  • Made from up to 80% recycled content
  • 100% recyclable at end of life
  • Manufacteured on start-of-the-art energy effecient machinary
  • Made in Australia, from Australian waste


  • Additional Colours Available
  • Hot-foil imprints for serial numbers, & branding
  • Adhesive labels for instructions or customer branding on bin or lid
  • Percentage of recycled content

Quality Assurance

  • Made in Australia
  • Certified according to EN840
  • Manufactured in accordance with AS4123


Adhesive Label

Individual markings with exchangeable multicoloured adhesive labels.

Hot Foil Print

A durable, single colour hot foil imprint for individual, customised markings on the container body.

Lid Imprint

A permanent imprint is stamped into the container.

Multi Colour Print

Individual full colour printing on container lid for maximum customisation.

Waste Management
Rectangular Aperture

Opening with brushes and cover ring suitable for the collection of recyclable materials such as glass an cans.

Round Aperture 150mm

With rubber rosette suitable for bottles.

Round Aperture 200mm

Without rubber rosette. A low cost solution.

Gravity Lock

The container unlocks automatically when emptied and locks again when lowered. The collector is not required to unlcok the bin prior to empyting. Also available as a manual lock.

Padlock Device

Standard with all dome containers. Suitable for all common types of padlock.

Triangular Lid Lock

For extra security. Operated with traingular key in accordance with DIN standard. Snap-lock or lock/unlock function.

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