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Urban & Public

Security Bin Stand

Urban & Public

Security Bin Stand

For Public Place Collection
Improved design features
  • Galvanised steel ensures corrosion resistance
  • Spring loaded locking mechanism
  • Designed for maximum security
  • Powder coated options to suit any location
Lid Restrictor
  • Prevents disposal of bulky household waste
  • Lid remains closed when not in use
  • Prevents birds and vermin from accessing the waste
  • Conceals waste from all weather conditions
Multiple Applications
  • Suit single or or dual bin placement
  • Extended pole option is ideal for concreting into any location
  • Base plate option is easily mounted to existing concrete or paved areas
  • Wall mounted options available

The SULO Difference

  • SULO bin security stands are manufactured from hot-dipped galavanised steel, ensuring quality and durability for the Australian market. Our bin stands are corrosion resistant and ideal for any location, including coastal areas.
  • The solid steel locking plate and lid restrictor with spring loaded locking mechanism provides a durable and secure solution, while still being simple for a maintenance team to operate.
  • Multiple sized base plates and poles can be provided to suit 120L, 140L and 240L bins. The base plate can be fixed into concrete flooring, and the pole can be fixed into existing walls.

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