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Fleet Planning

Your First Step For An Effective Bin Rollout

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Whether it’s a new estate development, refresh of your mobile garbage bin fleet, or the introduction of new bins for Food & Organics(FOGO), Glass, or Paper, our Fleet Planning services will provide you with the knowledge and techniques for an effective rollout.


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Our operational experts have been managing bin rollouts for over 40 years, it’s what we do. With a complete understanding of the manufacturing process and the capability to conduct large-scale rollouts, our team is geared for your success and can guide you through auditing, scoping, distribution, and replacement strategies.



We provide flexible ownership options including outright purchase, lease, hire, and pooling. Through our fleet planning process, we will work with you to determine the best financing method for your rollout and timelines.

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SULO is a brand manufactured by Pact Environmental Solutions. Gain the expertise of Australia’s leading manufacturing & recycling innovation group by choosing a trusted partner that can support your council no matter the situation.

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