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SULO products are manufactured by Pact Group within Australia. As leaders in the circular economy, Pact Environmental Solutions focus on setting a new benchmark for recycled content contained within wheelie bins. Our expertise with material science and manufacturing, and priority access to locally-sourced recycled resin, enable us to manufacture a wheelie bin from up to 80% local recycled content, making it one of Australia’s most sustainable wheelie bins.

Carbon Calculator

Understand the environmental impact of your purchase. Use our Carbon Calculator to identify how using recycled material can reduce the carbon footprint and water usage during the manufacturing process of the quantity of bins you are ordering.


Step 1:
Bin Quantity
How many Bins do you need?


How many Bins do
you need?

5,000 75,000

Step 2:
Recycled vs Virgin Plastic
What percentage of
recycled content?


What percentage
of recycled

Step 3:
What Size bin do you need?


What Size bin do
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Savings Results

Reduction of C02 by 298 Tonnes
That’s Equivalent to 448 Trees
of water by
13,079 Litres
Equivalent to 32,097 Water Tanks

*Carbon Calculator uses life cycle analysis data generated by the Packaging Impact Quick Evaluation Tool to compare the average carbon emissions and water usage used in manufacture of rHDPE sourced in Australia against virgin HDPE resin imported into Australia. The carbon calculator assumes manufacture of the bin in Australia and plastic manufacturing average energy and water consumption during the manufacturing process, freight, and raw material production. Calculations by the Carbon Calculator are general in nature and indicative only. Actual results may vary, and individual circumstances may impact these results

We use locally-sourced recycled content to manufacture our sustainable wheelie bins.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Compared to using virgin resin, locally-sourced recycled resin can reduce your carbon emissions by up to 30%. This can play a significant factor in your council moving closer to your sustainability goals and helping our broader community to become carbon neutral. Our carbon calculator enables you to get an estimate of the potential carbon emission reduction and water savings your council could obtain by moving to a bin with higher recycled content.

Reduce Water Usage

Compared to using virgin resin, locally-sourced recycled resin can reduce water usage by up to 60%. This can play a significant factor in your council moving closer to your sustainability goals and conserving our pressure water resources.

Reduce Plastic in Landfill

By utilising locally-sourced recycled content, we are directly eliminating plastic waste from your local waste streams. By giving hard-to-recycle plastics a second life in a wheelie-bin, you can take pride in knowing that the bins collecting your kerbside waste, are being made from the plastic they are collecting. By working together on reducing plastic in landfills we can head towards a cleaner environment and cleaner waste streams.

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