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Litter Bin

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Litter Bin

Eye-catching Waste Collection
  • Available in bright orange or green colours, the eye-catching SULO litter bin is designed to ensure high visibility for rubbish placement to keep your town clean.


Dimensions (mm)
  • Total height ~ 740
  • Bin Height ~ 595
  • Bin Depth ~ 256
  • Width ~ 398
  • Nominal Volume (L) 50
  • Empty weight (kg) 5
  • Max. filling weight (kg) 20
  • Max. total weight (kg) 25

The SULO Difference

  • Simple assembly for either wall or post mounting
  • Handle and grip cavity at the base for quick and easy emptying
  • Triangular lock for extra security
  • Protective hood to reduce water ingress and wind disruption
  • Prevents disposable of bulky goods or commercial waste


  • Available in Orange, Green, or Custom Colours upon request.

Quality Assurance

  • Complies full with quality requirements of the DIN 30713 Standard

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