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Compostable Bags

Food & Organics

Compostable Bags

Enabling Food Waste Recycling
Better for the environment
  • Biodegradable and compostable in commercial compost
  • Ideal for collection of pre and post consumer food waste
  • Supports municipal kerbside organic waste collection programs
Reduce Odour & Waste
  • Superior puncture, tear & heat resistance
  • Excellent strength for load capacity at lower gauges
  • Controls odour & dissipates moisture
  • Functional & easy to use

Compostable Bags

  • Cardia Compostable Kitchen Tidy bags provide an effective means of handling kitchen food scraps and enabling delivery into municipal organic waste collection services.
  • Residents can dispose of fruit, vegetables, tea leaves, coffee grounds, leftover food, fish, meat and bones, bread, cereal, pasta & grains, paper towel & tissues using these compostable bags.
  • Around 40% of the waste in our garbage bins is made up of food scraps. Food scraps can easily be recycled, but are usually sent to landfill where they create methane (a powerful greenhouse gas) and leachate (toxic liquid that contaminates groundwater) as they slowly rot.

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