SULO's range of organics collection containers have been specially designed with the user in mind to make the organic recycling process simple, efficient and effective. The range includes household food scrap containers and kerbside green waste and organic collection MGBs.
Compostable Kitchen Tidy Bags
Enabling food Waste recycling
Around 40% of the waste in our garbage bins is made up of food scraps. Food scraps can easily be recycled, but are usually sent to landfill where they create methane (a powerful greenhouse gas) and leachate (toxic liquid that contaminates groundwater) as they slowly rot.
Aerated kitchen tidy
Helping to recycle food waste
SULO's aerated kitchen tidy has been elegantly designed to incorporate the use of compostable bags.
Enclosed kitchen tidy
Helping to recycle food waste
The SULO Kitchen Tidy has been ergonomically designed to meet the needs of the local market and fit seamlessly into any modern kitchen.
SULO Organics Collection System (SOCS)
SULO Organics Collection System
The SOCS container is ideal for inclusion in waste minimisation systems aimed at improving diversion rates, for instance a three bin system.