SULO rolls out new two-bin system in Queensland’s Lockyer Valley region


July 2013

SULO Australia secured the contract to supply and deliver approximately 28,000 240 Litre general waste and recycling bins within the Lockyer Valley Regional Council area, west of Brisbane.


The contract included approximately 14,000 240 Litre green and red bins for general waste collection and approximately 14,000 240 Litre green and yellow bins for the collection of recyclables as part of the councils two-bin waste and recycling service for residents.


The contract also included the removal of some existing bins from households and the assembly and distribution (known as A&D) of the 28,000 bins, with a dedicated A&D team on site to deliver two bins to relevant households within the region.


The old bins that were removed from each household were collected, recycled and reprocessed as part of SULO’s ‘Closed Loop’ recycling service, allowing the recycled material to be used in the manufacture of new wheelie bins.


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