SULO rolls out new waste, recycling and green waste bins for Toowoomba Regional Council


June 2013


In June SULO was contracted to supply and deliver new waste, recycling  and green waste bins as well as removing the dividers from some of the existing bins for Toowoomba Regional Council, in Queensland’s south-east.


Council wanted to offer residents across the region a standardised service of a weekly 240L general waste bin, a fortnightly 240L recycling bin and an optional fortnightly 240L green waste bin as previously there was a mixture of different services occurring throughout the region.


The contract included the supply and assembly and distribution (A&D) of approximately 15,400 new green and yellow bins, 2,500 green and lime green bins and 2,000 green and red bins, using a team of A&D specialists to deliver all new bins to each household within the agreed time frame.


 As part of the contract SULO also conducted the removal of bin dividers located inside approximately 10,000 existing bins, converting them to match new the new bins. The dividers removed from existing bins were recycled and the reprocessed material will used in the manufacture of new wheelie bins.