2 Wheel Metal Bins


Having trouble with vandalism of plastic bins in your public place and parks and gardens areas? SULO has the solution!


Metal body complete with a metal lid

With a new range of specially designed 2-wheel metal bins, SULO can provide you with a tough, durable, vandal resistant wheelie bin. Available in a 120 or 240 Litre size, the metal bins come in two options to suit a variety of needs and applications; a metal body with a plastic lid and a metal body with a metal lid.


Manufactured from galvanised steel, SULO 2 wheel metal bins provide an ideal solution for public place applications, particularly parks and gardens. Utilising standard SULO wheels and axles, the bins have been specifically designed in line with the dimensions of a standard 120 or 240 Litre plastic wheelie bin, ensuring compatibility with existing bin stands and collection vehicles to allow for efficient implementation into current waste and recycling systems.


The bins are available in two combinations; a metal body and a plastic lid or a metal body and etal lid. The metal body and metal lid combination is specifically designed for areas

Metal body with a standard plastic lid

prone to high levels of vandalism and comes complete with a steel hinge bolt to secure the lid, providing a fire resistant wheelie bin built with all steel parts. The metal lids feature a rubber safety rim and are available in a galvanised and red or yellow powder coated option, allowing bins to be colour-matched to relevant waste streams.


The metal body and plastic lid combination allows for the fitting of a variety of coloured lids and is interchangeable with current lid stocks as the bins are compatible with standard SULO 120 and 240 Litre plastic lids. The plastic lids are secured to the bin using a steel hinge bolt, providing maximum durability.


If you are looking for a public place source separation solution, the metal bins can be fitted with our new Cabri Topp recycling hoods,

available in a variety of styles and colours to suit any resource stream and either temporary or

permanent placement.


Metal body and Cabri Topps.

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