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4 Wheeled Bins

AU660L 4 Wheeled Bin

4 Wheeled Bins

AU660L 4 Wheeled Bin

For Commercial, Industrial and High Density Residential collections
The SULO Difference
  • Manufactured locally from high quality materials to ensure compliance to AS-4123
  • Withstands exposure to high mechanical stress levels*
  • Engineered to withstand Australian climatic conditions
  • Resistant to decay, frost, heat and chemicals
  • Post consumer recycling content (PCR)
  • Recyclable at end of life
Maximum Safety
  • Built in grip handles for safe movement and collection
  • Robust body, lid, hinge and wheel design and manufacture
  • Heavy duty steel hubs, 2 with braking locks and directional locks optional
  • Easy opening lid with multiple grip handles
Quality Assurance
  • Locally Made using Australian sourced materials
  • Locally supported for Service and parts
  • Locally tested and certified to AS-4123 standard: now and ongoing
  • Made with high quality HDPE and rHDPE
  • Locally made, locally supplied, locally supported
  • SULO network of Australia wide warehouses for local shipment
  • Customised, if needed
  • Use of locally sourced PCR and recyclable at end of life
  • Large volume, small footprint

The SULO Difference

Long Service Life
  • High quality materials
  • Most advanced manufacturing processes
  • Withstands exposure to high mechanical stress levels
  • Engineered to withstand Australian conditions
  • Resistant to decay, frost, heat, and chemicals
Noise Reduction
  • Quiet-running solid rubber tyres on a steel castor
Sustainably Made
  • 100% recyclable at end of life
  • Manufactured on start-of-the-art energy efficient machinery


  • Available in Green & Black bodies
  • Available in Green, Red, Yellow & Blue lids
  • Hot-foil imprints for serial numbers, & branding
  • Percentage of recycled content

Quality Assurance

  • Made in Australia
  • Manufactured in accordance with AS4123
  • Made with high quality HDPE & rHDPE
  • 100% Recyclable


Dimensions (mm)
  1. A Total Height ~ 1233
  2. B Bin Height ~ 1138
  3. C Bin Depth ~ 735
  4. D Total Depth ~ 795
  5. E Width ~ 1200
  6. F Handle Width ~ 1135
  7. G Wheel Diameter ~ 200
  • Nominal Volume (L) 660
  • Empty Weight (kg) 42
  • Max. Filling Weight (kg) 264
  • Max. Total Weight (kg) 306

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