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The SULO website has been developed by SULO for the purposes of promoting products and services to the public. All information and images located on the website are for individual viewing only and no content may be used without direct permission from SULO.

The content displayed on the website is for informational purposes only and SULO does not accept any liability to any person for the information which is provided or used in reference.

All SULO product brochures provided on the website are subject to technical amendments without notification.

The SULO website contains several links that are external to the SULO website and as SULO does not have control over the content of linked sites, no responsibility is taken for any information or services which may appear on any linked websites.

Calculations used in the Carbon Calculator are to be treated as general in nature and as an indicative guide only. Analysis is based on PIQUET data analysing the carbon emissions and water usage of rHDPE sourced in Australia, versus virgin HDPE resin imported into the country. Calculations assume bin is manufactured in Australia and is using average calculations for energy consumption of manufacturing process. Actual results may vary and your SULO consultant can conduct a full sustainability audit if required to get more accurate figures specific to your situation.