FREE SULO 360L Bin Trial A BIG Success


SULO Australia is currently offering a FREE* trial offer for its larger 360L Mobile Garbage Bin (MGB) to councils who want to proactively increase their domestic recycling capacity as well as reduce their landfill costs and comply with national waste reduction targets.


It's another great initiative from the market leader SULO Australia and understandably has generated a lot of interest and positive feedback from councils. The offer includes a FREE sample of the 360L MGB as well as the opportunity to field test 20 units locally. Due to strong uptake SULO Australia has extended the offer to 4 May 2012.


Like all good ideas, it is simple and easy to adopt with measurable results. This aspect has not been lost on many leading councils who have been quick to take up the offer as an important part of their waste management strategy.


This larger MGB was the first Australian designed and manufactured 360L MGB and is already in use or on trial in over 60 council areas across Australia. Initial results have been very impressive. The City of Melville in Perth, for example, recently completed a trial and its analysis showed a 30% increase in recycling yield and an 18% drop in waste going to landfill. Based on this result the cost of providing the larger capacity SULO 360L MGB to those households requiring it would be more than offset by the savings in landfill costs alone in the first year.


SULO Australia now wants to encourage every council to take a really good look at the larger 360L MGB and understand the proven benefits it can deliver to their local community by offering them a FREE sample to evaluate and then the opportunity to trial twenty 360L MGBs within a nominated local test area for FREE. Based on the response to date, SULO Australia is confident the test results will speak for themselves.


The opportunity to test twenty 360L MGBs in your local community is particularly important as it gives all stakeholders, including the collection contractor, actual in-field experience in handling the larger MGB. It's worth pointing out that the SULO 360L MGB was designed in consultation with Australia's leading suppliers of side loading compactors to ensure it was compatible with existing side lift equipment used by most local contractors and councils. In brief, the SULO 360L MGB was cleverly designed to utilise the footprint of the 240L MGB so that its dimensions from the base up to and including the lift zone are very similar allowing existing grab arms on side lifters to handle the 360L MGB in the same way as any 240L MGB.


The larger capacity SULO 360L MGB has been able to deliver a wide range of benefits to councils with quite different applications. For example, it has provided some councils with the flexibility to reduce the frequency of collections and thereby reduce lifting costs. Other councils with garden suburbs have been quick to adopt it for green waste recycling while councils in inner city areas have introduced it to reduce the number of bins collected from multi unit dwellings. The 360L MGB has also provided a practical solution to councils requiring a larger capacity for parklands, outdoor recreation facilities and even event venues while other councils have introduced it to improve waste collection and recycling from offices and commercial premises.


As you would expect such a good offer has a few conditions including a limit of one FREE 360L MGB sample per customer. Simply contact SULO Australia today for all the details and to discuss how your council can cost effectively increase its domestic recycling capacity, enhance local environmental outcomes and contribute towards "best practice" in this important area.


For further information please contact SULO Australia on 1300 364 388 or email