Event and Public Place Collection

SULO's event and public place collection range incorporates a number of key products to assist in efficiently increasing the collection of rubbish and resource recovery within high traffic, public places and have been designed to be used in conjunction with standard SULO 2 wheeled bins.

Hi-Topp® Bin Cap
A must for clean events
Supports source separation and recycling through highly visible bin caps with clear, specific signage and multiple disposal ports.
Cabri Topp™ Bin Lids

Cabri bin tops are an attractive, highly visible wasy to support source separation in any urban setting. Cabri tops come in two distinctive styles and fit neatly onto a range of 240 litre bins.
mörbel Urban Containers

Mörbel is the brand new urban container range released by SULO Australia. The range provides a fresh and innovative look at public place collection containers and includes bin enclosures, containment stands and litter bins.