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Fleet Planning Services

Specialist advice and information on planning and execution of all pre collection services


"The logistics involved in planning, manufacturing and distributing the largest roll-out of a new 3 bin system in the southern hemisphere were staggering but SULO delivered it on time, to specification and within budget". Mark Christison, Christchurch City Council.



Fleet Planning is a service that SULO provides clients whom are in the establishment phase of implementing a new waste management system or those that want to up-date or modify their current system in line with changes such as new regulations or changes occurring within the market.


SULO has proven ability to advise you on and develop pre-collection services, assembly and distribution services, fleet maintenance costs and replacement strategies, fleet bin scoping and composition, financing strategies, as well as performing bin and waste audits.


  • SULO can provide highly specialised advice on planning and implementing a new waste management system or upgrading your existing one regardless of its size.
  • We can also advise on bin fleet scoping, financing strategies, and bin and waste audits.

Benefit-Optimises your bin fleet composition and lifespan.


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