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Recycling Services

SULO 'closes the loop' by buying back old bins and recycling the material for use in the manufacture of new high quality bins


"We were certainly impressed by the fact that SULO uses up to 40% recycled material in its 2 wheel bins ..."



SULO has 'closed the loop' by developing a service that sees the buyback of unserviceable wheelie bins that are recycled and reused in the manufacture of new bins, part of its practical commitment to good environmental practice.


SULO has developed an effective system to efficiently pull-back your bins for re-cycling at the end of their serviceable life.The bins are put through a grinding process to produce small chips which are carefully washed and spun dry. The chips are then melted into long, thin strands and chopped into pellets called 'jazz' which is then used in the manufacture of new high quality bins. All bin tyres are manufactured from 100% recycled car tyres which also helps in reducing the number of car tyres going to landfill.


SULO's recycling service effectively eliminates the need for you to send bins to landfill or to stockpile old bins. Reducing landfill is an important environmental outcome while eliminating storage has significant cost savings and OH&S benefits.


Benefit- Reduces the environmental impact by diverting material from landfill.



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